(1192) Nelson is Kawada is Nelson (Bartle Royale WIP)

(1191) The cruel death of Melody Juniper (#Bartle Royale, Minute 40)

(1190) WIP Bartle Royale “The Massacre of Melody and Wanda” 

(1189) Very quick “Bartle Royale” WIP drawing

Look, Mom, I’m in a zine!

(1188) Nuts

(1187) “LI’L AGITATOR” (1st Bartle Royale WIP drawing)

(1186) Mikado knight fight

(1185) I did this today

(1184) Money talks

(1183) See you later!

Summertime short: Volkspark Mainz


I’m off to see the wizard. 

In the meantime: please hit the funky random button.


(941) Owl post